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The establishment of the Alexander Handmade Mills Company goes back to 1977.
The two owners Mr H. Ioannou and Mr G. Zarkadis have founded the company with a single but solid objective, the production of high quality mills.
Their academic education led both of them to their profession as Mechanical Engineers. Their passion for their job was the cause for them to organize their business on excellent operational basis and of course with automated production but under personal control and hands-on. The result of their artwork didn’t take long to be known and spread by word of mouth, after the production of the first traditional pepper grinder.

The robustness of the body, the high quality materials, the detailed finishing and the final look were combined with the excellent function and the totally reasonable price, to bring a fast acknowledgement and high reputation for the company.
All the previous factors worked as an advertiser and ambassador and they helped the company to sign its first and major collaborations which placed the foundations for viability and rapid development.

“ The initial production of the company was addressed to cover the demand for this kind of products for the local (Greek) market with a large part of this production to be used also to cover the demand coming from tourists of the former republic of Yugoslavia.”

The increasing demand for mills and the production capability, by that time, resulted in 1989, to a further modernization and upgrade of the equipment and the company in total as well, which in consequence lead to larger quantities of production to meet the growing market demand.

Today, the company holds a wide product range with different series of mills in order to satisfy different price levels based on different raw materials. The new equipment which was installed together with the new and modern premises of 500 square meters, located in Thessaloniki – Greece, helped to this direction.

The company now is fully organized with departments fully specialized such as manufacturing, quality control, assembly, packaging and storing.
After the critical step of the company’s production reorganization, the company penetrated new markets abroad and a part of the production was used to satisfy the needs of those new markets.

Today the BRASS PEPPER MILL company (P. Ioannou – G.  Zarkadis. Co) exports its biggest part of production in the U.S., Australia and UK, markets which due to the high quality of the products, show great appreciation in the BRASS PEPPER MILL products. However a remarkable part of the production is sold into other markets such as Canada,
Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine.

“ The traditional type of mills, the modern ones and the chef’s grinders have captured the attention and interest of many customers around the world. Why not  yours?.”

In Greece you can find them under the name “Alexander” in various retail stores as well in the U.S.A under the Brand name “ATLAS” 

The Alexander Handmade Mill company is evolving day by day and is constantly changing, but one thing will never change, the dedication of its owners to the production of high quality, unstoppable and excellent aesthetics mills  for pepper, salt and coffee, while always focus on serving each client as a unique entity