Traditional handmade copper coffee pot (ibrik) 100ml 40014

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Traditional handmade copper coffee pot (ibrik) 100ml 40014

BARCODE: 5213011380626


This beautiful ibrik (also known as cezve) is a Greek coffee pot designed specifically to make Greek coffee. Greek coffee is also known as Turkish coffee, Armenian coffee and with other names.
This particular ibrik is made of brass which is tin lined internally.
The shiny appearance is also complemented by beautiful decorative handmade patterns.
The long wooden handle is particularly useful to avoid burning your hands, while making coffee.
The brim is specially designed to serve the coffee without spilling.
It is an excellent gift idea for any coffee enthusiast!
The size of it, is 100ml capacity.
It can serve a small demitasse cup of Greek coffee.
Gives perfect taste in coffee. Narrows tall and reopens to keep intact all its flavour.
Ideal for professionals and for lovers of good coffee.

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